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What records can I access? In Kenosha County, the index of real estate documents recorded beginning in January 1958, and the document images since January 1958 are available.

What equipment do I need? For technical requirements, click here.

What are the fees? Cost of this service is $715 per month, per account. User fees pay for system maintenance and software support.

Are there disclaimers I should read? Yes, Click Disclaimer.

How do I set up my search? As with any system, you will need to determine the best strategy for finding your information. For more suggestions on how to search using LandShark, click here.

Do I need to sign an agreement? Yes. To get a copy of the Online Access agreement that you will need to print and fill out, click Agreement.

How do I access Daily LandShark? After we receive your completed agreement, we will assign a user name and password that you can use to access Daily LandShark.

Who do I contact for more information about LandShark? Send an Email to the Kenosha County Register of Deeds.



Title Searchers who would like to establish an escrow account for search charges in LandShark instead of using a credit card should contact the Register of Deeds office using this form.



Kenosha County Subdivision Plats are now available for download under the Plat tab search option


Our credit card integration with has been enhanced. You may notice some slight changes to the credit card authorization screens in LandShark.


Because of our ongoing efforts at infratructure improvement, there is no longer a daily outage window due to system maintenance.

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